Brett Ringer

Get to know Brett

Why is there a scholarship program set up in Brett's name? Hopefully getting to know Brett and the information on this website will help explain why and what is accomplished for students around the State of South Carolina while honoring the memory of Brett.

A little about Brett:

Brett was a high level academic student and played football his last two years in High School under his dad, Rock Hill High School Football Coach, Jim Ringer.  Jim has stated that Brett was the only one who could keep up with him on the field because Jim was one of those coaches who seemed to be everywhere, all at once, along the sidelines. And no one could keep up with him, except Brett! 

After high school Brett attended Clemson University where he remained active within the sport but in a different capacity.
Brett started helping as one of 3 in the Video Production department. To put in perceptive the responsibility of the football production department was for Brett, think about this; it now takes about 15 to 25 students in the video service department to do what Brett and two others did back in the day. 

So, all those Clemson videos and promotional videos you saw we due to Brett! Thanks Brett for some awesome coverage of the Clemson Tigers!

Tragically, in 2001, while working at his seasonal summer job at a Rock Hill fireworks warehouse, Brett was killed and two others injured when an explosion of fireworks rocked the inside the warehouse, and expanded out. This happened just a short week from when Brett was to begin his Master's program at Clemson.

Jim wanted to honor his son's memory in a special way. Brett was always so studious and giving of himself that Jim decided he would raise money to help students attend a higher level of education in Brett honor.  

How they were going to do it was through a Golf Tournament. Teams would register and the money would go into the Brett Ringer Golf Fund.  Then scholarship applications would be accepted and a committee would choose from those applications.