About Brett Ringer

Keeping the Memory of Brett Ringer Alive

In 2001 Brett Ringer passed away but his family established a scholarship fund to keep his memory alive!

Coach Jim Ringer is a now SC Football Hall of Fame honoree but back in the mid-90's he was Rock Hill High School's Head Football coach and father to Brett Ringer. 

For years Brett was his "cord de-tangler." You may ask, What's that? In short, to communicate with the coaches in the box, a headset required cords. Jim, who was always on the go, pacing up and down the field, and the general busy nature of the Bearcats sideline, had an issue with getting wrapped up in the cords. No one could keep up with Jim except for Brett.

For years Brett helped keep his father out of the tangled mess. Jim was always quoted as saying, "He never hung me up, he was great and no one could do it like Brett." Of course when Brett decided to play on the Bearcats team his last 2 years in High School, Jim never replaced his helper. No one was up to the task! 

After High School Brett went on to Clemson University and was pursuing a Masters degree. At Clemson his focus was on his academics, as he was a serious student,  but football was in his blood. Brett was an active and dedicated member of the video service department for the Clemson Tigers. Where it takes up to 20 students now to capture images, videos, and then edit them into what the public sees, Brett was one of 3. Brett's dedication to hard work did not go unnoticed by the Athletic staff at Clemson. 

In 2001, while working at a local fireworks plant for his seasonal summer job, Brett was tragically taken away in a warehouse explosion. 

His family wanted to honor their loving son's memory with something worthwhile. It seemed appropriate to do that by helping students achieve their higher education goals. So in 2001, The Brett Ringer Memorial Golf Tournament was established.

Clemson football also established an internal award for their support staff in his honor. Each year the award is given to the hardest working member. 

19 years later we continue to remember Brett Ringer, the love of a family, and all the good this tournament does for students.


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